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Business suit with government building in background

Steve Turner

President/Operations Manager


Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Experience: 25 Yrs. (Security); 30+ Yrs. Law Enforcement

School/Alma Mater: California Baptist University

Hobbies: Golf, Traveling, BBQ'ing

Human Resources Manager

HR Manager

Our Human Resources Manager is responsible for overseeing personnel and the daily operations of the department. Their duties include hiring, managing the hiring and onboarding procedures, and providing support to company employees regarding personal and professional incidents.

Information Technology

IT Manager

The IT Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations within the IT department. Their duties include creating job posts, relaying information between upper management and department employees and managing all aspects of the digital technology.

The Gatekeepers


Abdulraheem Alfakeer

Security Guard

More about me:


Experience: 6 Years

School/Alma Mater:



Jorge Magana

Security Guard

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Hometown: San Bernardino, CA

Experience: 20 years

School/Alma Mater: